About Us

FireAssayCupels.com is a professionally managed organization engaged in the manufacturing and international trading of high quality magnesia refractory cupels and bullion blocks produced from our eco and labor certified state of the art production facilities in India aided by a full-fledged marketing team spread across the globe. The management team has rich experience of over 2 decades in the field of manufacturing and research of the allied products of Magnesite.

We are the manufacturers and traders of superior quality Magnesia Refractory Cupels and Bullion Blocks of various standard sizes and can be customized as per demands and clients’ specifications. We offer superior quality magnesia refractory cupels and bullion blocks that are made from high grade raw materials (dead burnt magnesia). Our products are used in Gold mining, Fire Assaying of precious metals, Hallmarking Centers, Gold Refining and other related processes.

Our manufacturing facilities, in-house R&D and Innovation infrastructure comprises of modern machineries and sophisticated equipment which are international labor and environmental standards compliant with certifications such as ISO 9001 (Quality), OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management) & ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). Our manufacturing facility is strategically located in Salem, in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu which has rich minable magnesite resources, connected to sea-ports for shipping the finished products which are located in a vicinity of 200 miles from our facility. Our source of magnesia is famous worldwide for its cryptocrystalline structure and best suitable for manufacturing magnesia refractory cupels, bullion blocks and refractory bricks. FireAssayCupels.com is owned and operated by GLOCAL EXIM LLC, USA.

Our Feature Commitments & Guarantees of all our products are:

  • Magnesia Cupels are made from unique blend of DBM and fluxing agent
  • All Cupels absorb approximately 70% of their weight in grams
  • Does not react to atmospheric changes
  • Acquires good mechanical strength
  • Negative to spitting of lead
  • Crack free and no pitting
  • Beads easily removed and no sedimentation
  • Uniform in quality
  • Consistent in cutting losses
  • Rapid absorption of large quantity
  • We supply customized products as per the needs of the customer, their specifications and standards.